Storage at origin is a cost effective solution if you have to limit the size of your export shipment or need a place for your home contents when away for extended periods. Those moving internationally may need interim storage while awaiting the availability of a new home.

PAN AM Packers & Movers have safe and secure storage centers countrywide. Once the goods are professionally packed, inventoried and loaded into containers, they can be stored for as long as is needed, then shipped or delivered.

Storage costs vary countrywide but are generally based upon weight and volume. A one-time “in/out” handling charge is applied. Storage insurance is optional but recommended. Owners have access to the contents and we offer optional packing or re-packing and delivery services as well.

We strive for eliminating risk and ensuring peace of mind at the time of moving goods either by sea, air or land or combination of the three with loading and unloading along the way.